Made it to Michigan!!!

Rolling into Michigan as the sun was setting. We were so close to having a resting place!

When we turned onto Home Street we were in fact, welcomed home.

The next day was my birthday. I am SO GLAD I didn’t spend it driving! I spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon pampering myself with home spa treatments. I even curled my hair, which I found out humidity will laugh in the face of my struggles.

The Captain took me to a nice dinner.

So we have been at the parentals and the kids are enjoying the hot tub(not heated)

And we got to see our gorgeous niece play softball. She’s the catcher!

We went to a cook out at Cousin Curtys house and I got to meet Jonathan’s best friends and some family. It took me a bit to realize these are now my relatives too! And I LOVED them. I’ve never felt so welcomed and loved like they made me feel. I guess I shouldn’t feel surprised as they had the same midwestern charm as the Captain. Genuinely nice, seriously. Nothing beats a Michigander.

Kids are happy to have friends around!

The park in town is super nice!

That brings us up to date. I haven’t been taking many photos as life is going to fast sometimes to remember.

Excited that Rain will be here soon! Broke up with her boyfriend so she’s ready to see her mama and get some fresh air. We will be heading to the Upper Peninsula to chase waterfalls and look for minerals! Oh and I got a metal detector for my birthday so we will be trying that out as well.

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