Amboy Illinois and Yogi Bear Campground

Rolling into the campground after such a long drive was so relieving. This the largest campground we have been too. It was like a RV park on steroids

After we set up our spot. We headed into the town to get supplies. I was immediately in love with all the old buildings! I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the beautiful houses, but I got pictures of the downtown. I was geeking out at all the details as The Captain tried(failed) to simmer me down.

The campground has a bunch of activities, but for the most part we were just trying to catch our breath from the trip and get ready for the final leg. We did use their playgrounds, but the pools were uncomfortably full and it was so hot and humid(welcome to the Midwest!) so I wasn’t into being outside too much.

We decided to leave earlier than planned and Sunshine was sooo ready

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