Wyoming, So Beautiful!!!

We crawled into Wyoming right as the sun set. We had planned on Boondocking, but when I was looking for a spot I came upon this unbelievably well priced spot with full hook ups right where we needed to rest for the night. The owner was so incredibly nice. When she noticed we had kids I said “I read you had some play equipment” and she said “oh yeah we have a trampoline, swings, sand pit” Well when we woke up we found out it was a lot more than that! There was stuff for all ages! I won’t bore you with those pics but I’ve left them in reviews on yelp/google/etc

Hide Out Motel and RV

We traveled from there across Wyoming and I couldn’t believe it’s incredible beauty!!

We found a large travel center to stop and get some work done, let the kids play. Little America. It had a large playground, huge gift shop, and $.75 ice cream cones. I bought a pair of Wyoming Jade earrings, Rocket got a sling shot, I wonder how long til I will regret that.

It was a loooong day as The Captain was working and we were driving around that so we ended up not boondocking this night either and found another park that advertised having a playground. We got in super late at night, but the host directed us to the closest pull thru. In the morning the kids played while we got packed up

We soon set off for Nebraska.

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