Independence Day and Idaho

I am a couple weeks behind here on my blog, so this may be a little scattered. After we left Montana we headed to Idaho Falls were my folks lived. We originally planned to stay in my bestfriends yard in Mackey, but my dad made room in his driveway and put in a 30amp plug for us, so that was super awesome.

We got in on the third and my brother in law Mario set off a bunch of fireworks for all of us to enjoy.

On the fourth I got to start cleaning our RV out. I gave my parents washer/dryer/dishwasher a serious work out 😉

All my siblings arrived, some I hadn’t seen in a decade.

Unfortunately in the afternoon I started to feel really sick. So The Captain and the kids went to the fireworks show and I stayed in bed.

The next day we took the trip up to Mackey to spend time with my favorite person, Brenna!!! And of course her wonderful husband and precious kids. Brenna and me met when Sunshine was maybe 6ish months old and quickly she became someone I could always rely on and who always, always makes me laugh. She is also my very favorite mom and I love watching her do mom things. She also has a Creek in her yard with a hammock, so right before the kids expired I went and took a quick nap haha.

When we got back to my folks, they’d already gone to the weekend family reunion in Utah. My mom left me a sweet card with a note that really meant a lot to me. Thanks mom!

We found out the next day we wouldn’t be leaving on Sunday like we had planned, we had to wait til Monday to get tires. Everyone had gone to the reunion so we had a full day in a huge house with backyard to spread out and get some space. Plus my parents have a jetted tub, a bounce house, and electric scooters. Lots of fun! Oh and we detailed the truck.

On Monday we were all packed up, got tires, put on, raided my folks pantry(with my dad’s blessing), and headed out.

We made it to Wyoming just as the sun was setting

To be continued…..

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