Gem Mountain!!!

I love Philipsburg for many reasons, but I don’t know if I would be here if it weren’t for Gem Mountain!!

You go into the shop and buy a ticket for a bucket(or pay more for seeded buckets) I believe it was $35 for a regular bucket. We ended up buying two so we could have two tables 🙂 and well…..more Sapphires.

After you get your ticket you pick your bucket. They have a staff member who helps you wash the gravel. They put it in a screen, set it into a large tub of water and shake it around a lot. Sapphires are heavier than the rest of the gravel so they find their way to the center and bottom of the screen, so when they turn them over they sit on top. When they dump it looks like this. This is about 1/5 or 1/4 of a regular bucket. Can you spot some Sapphires!!

Once you pick them off the top you begin to shuffle through the gravel, they don’t always stick to the top

I think we were probably there for an hour, I didn’t time it, but just long enough for the kids to get antsy.

After we went through our gravel we took them in to find out what is good enough to send out for cutting. Last time we were here we only found 3 cuttables…which I assumed was good at the time.

This time we found over 20!! And then more “flawed” for me to practice with if I ever get a chance to take a faceting class.

We did find one tiny cuttable pink! We also bought the keepsake necklace and put some of the non cut quality Sapphires inside

I love Gem Mountain and can’t wait to see what the stones look like when they come back all cut and shiny.

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