Philipsburg Montana

Oh how I lovePhilipsburg. We traveled here a couple years ago, during a bad bout of wildfires and it was only by sheer determination to go to Gem Mountain did we even see this gem of a town. After that trip it was at the top of my bucket list to make it back and spend some time exploring.

From the Philipsburg Inn where we are staying it’s about a 15 min walk into downtown Philipsburg, so we went for a walk.

We had promised the kids candy, and since they were so patient and quiet during the blow out we said they could get a whole pound of candy. So we headed to the Sweet Palace.

This is the most amazing Candy Store!

I just did a sugar cleanse, but with all the unique candy I decided I’m just going to have to have a sugar rush. I’ll get back over it after the Fourth of July.

After the Candy shop we explored the downtown a little and came upon an amazing Police Museum. This area was very wealthy during the gold/silver rush and it shows in the kind of equipment their police force had.

After the museum we found an old fashioned soda fountain. It used to be a drug store and hotel.

The town had lots of beautiful old features

We are still pretty tired, and this town has a lot more to explore but we will have to wait til tomorrow.

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