Our first blow out

We left NW Idaho heading for Montana. We had a relaxing ride for 4 hours drive by beautiful Coeur D’alene , stopped at some rest stops. Soaked in Montana.

Then when we were an hour from our destination we heard a tire go. The Captain gently guided us into the shoulder to investigate

We called Good Sam. It was hard because cell service was spotty, but with our hot spot we picked up enough Data to run the phones.

It was 3 hours before the road side assistance showed up. We were parked right by and Air Strip and a Train track off the I-90

Once the guy showed up, he changed our tire and left. We were at the four hour point by now. The Captain got to checking the pressure in all our tires and after a bunch of testing we realized another tire was no good. It wasn’t holding air. It had been another 40ish min so we decided to move the RV to the parking area .9 miles down the road so the kids and me could at least get out of the vehicle.

When I called the wrecking company she let me know it was going to be another couple hours before they could send someone out. We decided to try to change it ourselves. After not getting the lug nut to loosen it was 9:45 and we decided to call for back up and put the kids to bed. No use trying to go anywhere at night. Good Sam told us it wasn’t an “emergency” since we had gotten ourselves to safety and wanted us to call back in the morning. We called our Progressive road side assistance and they sent someone out.

We went to sleep to the sounds of Semi generators, the interstate, and the in and outgoing travelers taking a rest. I didn’t sleep at all. Around midnight a man showed up from road side assistance. Got everything done and looked good and we settled in for the night.

In the morning we woke up, and headed to Philipsburg.

We made it! Leveled out no problem and pulled out our slides. Made some bacon, eggs, toast. Took a shower and although I said I would just drink coffee and power thru, I fell asleep the min I laid down. I needed that. Woke up at 2pm and started running laundry.

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