Northern Idaho Silverwood Theme Park

Originally in our route from Washington to Philipsburg, Montana we had a reservation at Little Diamond the Thousand Trails in Newport, WA. As I contemplated our route I wasn’t looking forward to the extra 2 hours off route to get to the campground so I checked out Boondockers Welcome and found a spot that we could fit, right next to Silverwood Theme Park so we joined the site, $30 for a year, and requested the stay. Bill and Kathy immediately got back to us and accepted our request!

Due to work obligations we set out a little late in the day from Quincy, and rolled into Athol around 7pm. I’m sure we seemed a bit nuts when I told our hosts we needed to quickly head back to Spokane to hit the last Trader Joe’s we would see til Utah. We booked it back, grabbed 4 carts(two kids size haha) and split up with lists. Got my bestie Brenna her families favorites and got ours too. By the time we got back to the Boondock it was after 10pm! We let the kids sleep in our bed and I hit the couch. There was no time or energy to pull out our slides. They had cows on their back pasture and the friendliest dog!

After we woke up, we got our slides out, had some food and prepared for the theme park. It was only minutes down the street, which was awesome.

First thing we had to do was the Carousel! Little Sunshine’s favorite ride.

They had a fun 30 min train ride with lots of fun surprises and actors.

I think one of Rockets favorites was the cars the kids could drive

The only line we had to wait in was for the rapids, but we were bumped up a good 30 min when they were condensing the riders into groups of 8. We got soaked, in our regular clothes, right before heading to the water park

The water park was fantastic. The lazy river allowed for swimming in and out floaters, the supplied life jackets helped the kids in the rougher parts. There was a ginormous kids okay area with multiple slides built in and surrounded by a foot of water all around for parents to lay in, or small kids. Rocket and I did go on a tube ride together, but the weather was just a little too cold for dad and Sunshine so we headed back to the boondock to rest for a bit. Rested for good 90 min, had warm soup and headed back to shut the park down! I definitely recommend doing this, as when we got back the lines were non existent and we could practically walk into anything we wanted to ride. There is a full section of rides for little kids. Rocket road a real wooden rollercoaster with me, but exclaimed at the end “I better wait til I am older til I do that again”

We let the kids play one boardwalk game each, and they both won a prize! We also all got to pick one thing in the gift shop as a souvineer and the prices were very good, in fact all the parks prices were the most reasonable amusement park prices we have ever seen. We stayed all the way til close, in fact at 9:58 I asked the lady at the log ride if we could take a ride and she(like all the staff) was so incredibly nice and said “I am not closed yet, let’s do this!” So me and Rocket Road the log flume in almost total darkness! It was great.

After that we left, and all of us fell asleep very easily!

Now we are on our way to Montana!!!!

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