Hansen Creek Amethyst Hunting

Wooohooo here we go, the trip I was looking most forward to while in Washington. Hansen’s Creek for Amethyst Hunting! It was over a 2 hour drive, but I knew it would be worth it. We drove from the desert to Snoqualamie Pass

Exit 47 off Interstate 90 is Denny Creek Exit. Take that. Take a right on Tinkham rd of the interstate and you will come to this sign where you turn left. Follow it a while.

Once you take the hairpin left turn you are almost to the parking spot. We arrived on a very busy day, so there was no mistaking where to park, but during the week there isn’t as much company. Once there you walk about 15 min with a pretty good incline til you get to this cool rock climbing spot

Then you keep walking, walking, walking. The good news is, there is less of an incline after the rock spot. Walk until you see ribbons in the trees. If you don’t see the ribbons, you aren’t there. It’s maybe another 15 of walking.

Once you arrive at the dig site, you want to head up the hill. I see plenty of people dig along the bottom, but from my years of reading about Hansen you want to go up as far as you can handle without crossing into a claim (it’s a long way up to a claim and they should be marked)

Once there you want to prepare for digging. Bring a screen, 1/4 inch is good. I saw people using old kitchen colanders. Knee pads, gloves, and a bucket will help but not necessary. Would have been smart to bring a hard hat. If you want to get into a cave, you need to bring flashlights/headlamps/laterns. I can’t help myself but go in the caves. The caves are holes dug under trees. You can also find crystals just lying on the ground or barely scratching the surface. I found my garden hand rake to be the best tool!

It’s quite a steep hill

Once Sunshine decided she’d had enough, we left. She was battling a summer cold so proud of her for making the trip at all. Dad had to carry her a lot. We spent a couple hours and both felt we had just hit a good patch of raw dirt when she decided she was done.

Washed up our finds this morning and this is what the crystals can look like, we will need to soak and scrub these to find out if we got anything purple. It’s unlikely we did, but there is a chance! You can also see a bit of Pyrite the Captain found.

Next to Hansen’s Creek is Denny Creek and they have some natural rock water slides. I want to check it out next time we are here!

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