White Pass Scenic Byway

We left Paradise, Silver Creek via White Pass Scenic Byway. There wasn’t many view points so I apologize for lack of quality pictures, and Rainier and other mountains had clouds obstructing their view. This drive was absolutely breathtaking.

When we finished through the Pass we entered, what I believe is called “high desert”

We settled in at Crescent Bar in the Columbia Gorge

I am not going to sugar coat this, I am not a fan of this Crescent Bar Thousand Trails by first impression. It may be because the desert surroundings reminds me of my hometown, or it may be the very strict and spelled out rules by management, or that the spots are tight and small which directly conflicted with my research, but my first impression was “get me the hell out of here”

We leveled and pulled the slides out and took a walk. The views started to win me over. There was some beautiful beaches along a walking path that starts at the RV park. We found some quartz crystals amongst the small gravel bars on the Columbia.

The clubhouse was decent though, we can do some extra road schooling this week. Kids aren’t allowed on the pool table.

I am going to focus on the interior design of our bedroom for the week we are here. I’m a little disenchanted with the desert, having escaped it 20 years ago, but I am breaking down those walls and I think Quincy. WA is a place to give me some better perspective.

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