Ike Kinswa State Park

On Father’s Day weekend we set out to explore the lake we can see from the Paradise overlook. We knew it was Ike Kinswa State Park, and we got a pleasant surprise that it was 16 min away.

I wish I had taken some photos of the campground there, it is one of the nicest we have seen. The sites have cement pads and everything is clean and manicured. They have cabins right on the lake. It’s so beautiful I considered us staying there, when we already stay for free 16 min up the road. Next time we hit Washington we will most def need to invite a lot of friends to join us there for camping.

As we drove around we realized the swimming hole was shallow enough for us to trust our kids in it! so we decided to head to Morton for the grocery store and get some things for grilling.

While driving up to Morton on Highway 12, White Pass Scenic Byway, we came upon this overlook. This is a must see, and so beautiful with the wildflowers. You have to walk through the grass a few feet to see the epic amounts of flowers that are hiding.

We invited Grandma Ruth, Aunt Shell, and Amyiah out to come swimming, and they said yes! We grilled and had a blast. There is large bathroom/changing facilities and a large play structure next to the swimming hole, kept the kids entertained for hours.

Rocket and I went for a little walk and I let him use my phone to take some pictures

On our way back home we noticed an almost full moon with a clear view of Mount Saint Helens at the overlook.

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