Going with the flow

Here I am still at the Brazel’s RV Performance Center center. It’s a good thing we didn’t attempt to move on Friday, our grey tank valve is still leaking. Wyatt said we won’t be leaving til we are all good, so no worries there. He wanted us to wait to see if it happened, and it did. So hopefully Monday we will head out, I’ve given up on believing there is an end date to this madness. Fortunately I love it in this quiet park, even if the trains at night are incredibly loud! It doesn’t matter so much when you are a train lover in the first place.

So on Friday night it came crashing down on me. All the emotions of a complete life adjustment. In my former life I cleaned my house for hours everyday, tended my garden from March to late October, visited friends, had a steady date at the gyms child care center to get 2 full hours of me time, ran my resale business in the basement. Now it takes me no time at all to get this place completely sparkling clean. There is no appointments to go to, no classes to drive my kids too, no gym time. I have found myself with a LOT of time that otherwise was occupied than I am not accustomed too. I find myself too often reading the news, which is devastating these days. So on Friday night I cried and I cried. I woke the Captain and he woke up to console me, comfort me. He is good at that.

On Saturday we headed to Michaels craft store to find some things to occupy my time in a positive way.

Captain picked balloon animals, but we quickly found out it was a fun activity for the whole family. Check out my swan and rabbit/dog

We also got tools for cross stitching, super excited! We already had the tissue flowers and paper airplane book but we got some felt for flowers, and we and Sunshine started with the basic flower

Once we work our way through these supplies we are going to learn face painting. I feel these are useful skills for a nomad. If we get strapped for cash we set up shop at a farmers market and bust out some balloons and face paint 😉

During my emotional break through I also realized a big problem I’m having is that the interior design of this rig is bland, dull, and boring. Which doesn’t fit my aesthetic at all! So I ordered up some peel and stick wall paper from Target, got this amazing furry rug to match, and have selected some other things coming from China.

Rocket has come down with the sniffles so we couldn’t go to any of the awesome free festivals taking place today, bummer. We did decide to go purchase a Barker 4 wheel Waste Tote. We headed to Fife, WA where they have a Camping World. Camping World did not have a large enough tote, but I did get my hands on a Blackstone griddle on sale! And we picked up an outdoor rug, and a collapsible table.

After we left Camping world we grabbed food at a road side stand.

It was pretty good, milk shakes, burgers, coney dog type stuff. I don’t think I would stop here again for the food, but their eating area was a bunch of picnic tables in a grassy area with lots of potted flowers. The kids ran around with other kids waiting for their food and it was quite nice! Considering it’s close to Camping World south of Seattle, we may end up back here again someday.

While eating we located a Barker tote through Facebook marketplace. The seller informed me they still had it, but then didn’t respond to me inquiring if we could pick up. Seattle was another hour north, so we decided to wait a bit for the dude to message. We went to a park. I sat in the truck…

After waiting nearly an hour for the seller to message me back. I sent this message “text me in the next ten min if this is available today. I am headed south after that” Well wouldn’t you know it, he calls me in 8! We were just about to hit the interstate so he called just in time! Headed north to Seattle and picked up this beauty

So now we won’t have to worry about being on a sewer site anymore(well besides for using our washer) We can dump our tanks into here, roll it to a dump site, and dump it in.

We’ll cross your fingers for us that we get out of here tomorrow.

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