RV lesson number one. It will break.

The days are blurring together. We had every intention to be set down in Paradise today to enjoy a couple weeks of being stationary. Koko decided she wanted another new valve, at least she let us know before we rambled down the road.

So let’s begin where this started. As we arrived in Chehalis we were over anxious to get into the last sewer site in the park on our first day in. As the Captain maneuvered Koko in the park the one way roads led him back to the main highway. With not many options to turn a 42 long trailer around he chose a gravel parking strip, the turn around was done and he hit a patch of uneven ground, which completely wrecked one of our stabilizer jacks.

From this we learned to not ever drive the Camper in frustration, panic, or otherwise distracted mode. This is hard to accomplish sometimes with loud young children as back seat drivers. Our “moving day” skills are a constant process of learning.

So we stayed at the Chehalis Thousand Trails as we hunted for a good RV shop. We found one at Bravels in Centralia, 3 weeks after we touched down. The people here are super nice and very accommodating to their clients. Right off the bat they let us know they have a RV park with water/electric hook ups located on the property we could stay on. They ordered our parts and told us they should be in on Friday. We moved into the RV Repair shop park on the Tuesday prior, as this was our original moving day to Paradise. Thursday comes and we learn the parts won’t be in til Monday. I have an Orthodontist appt in PDX on Monday so we decide that’s perfect to leave the RV and head into the city for a couple nights. Get some errands done and see friends.

On Monday we find out the parts aren’t in. I think, it’s a blur now. So we extended our stay in PDX til Wednesday. We drove back to Centralia crossing our fingers Koko would have her stabilizer jack on. As we approached Brazel’s we could see she was still in the garage.

It felt like defeat. At this point I am feeling homeless and living out of bags. We decided to check with Paradise if we can get into a cabin on site for the night. We figure this is the perfect opportunity to also scope out what RV site we want to settle into. Paradise allows us a one night reservation(typically 2 day minimum for cabins) and we settle into what felt like a very spacious cabin. In reality I believe our RV is the same square footage.

We checked out of the Cabin at 11am and stopped at The Ribeye Ramblin Jacks in Chehalis to have lunch. Highly recommend, but warn the portions are enormous.

After lunch we headed to Brazel’s and found that our RV wasn’t out of the garage yet so we stopped at Borst park hoping the Captain could work while the kids played, the park was too cold so we retreated and went to Centralia Timberland Library. This was a great decision. The childrens area of the library has lots of activities and the library also has a Pokémon scavenger hunt. After Rocket completed it, he was so happy to take Sunshine around and help her find them.

The library was enjoyable enough to stay until Captain was finished with his work day. We headed back to Brazel’s and Koko was back in the park! They weren’t quite finished but we could get back into our home while the remainder of the work would be completed on site. Wyatt went over everything with the Captain once it was complete and we went to sleep in our own beds(okay the kids slept on the dinette because we still had their room set up for mobility)

We woke up this morning and the Captain noticed we had a leak in a valve! The valve we had changed. Wyatt came right over and we discovered it was not the grey that had previously had the leak, it was the black tank. You cannot move with a black tank leak. It’s very, very dangerous for the environment.

Status update it is now 3:30pm and we won’t be moving today. Moving to a “first come first serve” RV Park on the weekend is not enjoyable. Also….Wyatt is still working on that black tank valve.

This saga to be continued…….

I’m making the Russian Soup tonight my friend Kadri taught me and the Captain just set up the breadmaker for a loaf of bread. Going to settle in, count our blessings, thank Wyatt for his hard work, and watch some Game of Thrones.

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