Made it to Michigan!!!

Rolling into Michigan as the sun was setting. We were so close to having a resting place!

When we turned onto Home Street we were in fact, welcomed home.

The next day was my birthday. I am SO GLAD I didn’t spend it driving! I spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon pampering myself with home spa treatments. I even curled my hair, which I found out humidity will laugh in the face of my struggles.

The Captain took me to a nice dinner.

So we have been at the parentals and the kids are enjoying the hot tub(not heated)

And we got to see our gorgeous niece play softball. She’s the catcher!

We went to a cook out at Cousin Curtys house and I got to meet Jonathan’s best friends and some family. It took me a bit to realize these are now my relatives too! And I LOVED them. I’ve never felt so welcomed and loved like they made me feel. I guess I shouldn’t feel surprised as they had the same midwestern charm as the Captain. Genuinely nice, seriously. Nothing beats a Michigander.

Kids are happy to have friends around!

The park in town is super nice!

That brings us up to date. I haven’t been taking many photos as life is going to fast sometimes to remember.

Excited that Rain will be here soon! Broke up with her boyfriend so she’s ready to see her mama and get some fresh air. We will be heading to the Upper Peninsula to chase waterfalls and look for minerals! Oh and I got a metal detector for my birthday so we will be trying that out as well.

Amboy Illinois and Yogi Bear Campground

Rolling into the campground after such a long drive was so relieving. This the largest campground we have been too. It was like a RV park on steroids

After we set up our spot. We headed into the town to get supplies. I was immediately in love with all the old buildings! I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the beautiful houses, but I got pictures of the downtown. I was geeking out at all the details as The Captain tried(failed) to simmer me down.

The campground has a bunch of activities, but for the most part we were just trying to catch our breath from the trip and get ready for the final leg. We did use their playgrounds, but the pools were uncomfortably full and it was so hot and humid(welcome to the Midwest!) so I wasn’t into being outside too much.

We decided to leave earlier than planned and Sunshine was sooo ready


After crossing the border we started to look for somewhere to park for the night. At around 1ish AM we found a Loves that had a spot we barely fit in, in front of their pumps. The Captain asked permission to park and the lady told us no problem. We slept a few hours, and headed out as the sun came up. The same lady was working in the morning and said she kept an eye out for us all night. What a sweet lady.

Stopped for Breakfast

First thing we noticed another Iowa, the rest stops are far superior to Nebraska and this special one was the best rest stop I’ve ever seen. There was staff with uniforms working even.

The rest stop was in location of a significant stop on the Underground Railroad. It had some good info about that inside.

I didn’t get many pics in Iowa. We are now in Illinois on our way to Jellystone Park.


Sucks. Moving on.

Just kidding, not really, but here is some photos. I enjoyed the sunset and saw fireflies for the first time.

We drove until we couldn’t handle it anymore, but we made it out of Nebraska and into Iowa in one day.

We quickly learned a couple things about Nebraska, it’s nearly impossible to get a spot to park a big rig at the Rest Stops. The rest stops are inadequate to the needs. Also trying to get a spot at an overnight spot is equally as hard.

Did not enjoy Nebraska, would not recommend.

Wyoming, So Beautiful!!!

We crawled into Wyoming right as the sun set. We had planned on Boondocking, but when I was looking for a spot I came upon this unbelievably well priced spot with full hook ups right where we needed to rest for the night. The owner was so incredibly nice. When she noticed we had kids I said “I read you had some play equipment” and she said “oh yeah we have a trampoline, swings, sand pit” Well when we woke up we found out it was a lot more than that! There was stuff for all ages! I won’t bore you with those pics but I’ve left them in reviews on yelp/google/etc

Hide Out Motel and RV

We traveled from there across Wyoming and I couldn’t believe it’s incredible beauty!!

We found a large travel center to stop and get some work done, let the kids play. Little America. It had a large playground, huge gift shop, and $.75 ice cream cones. I bought a pair of Wyoming Jade earrings, Rocket got a sling shot, I wonder how long til I will regret that.

It was a loooong day as The Captain was working and we were driving around that so we ended up not boondocking this night either and found another park that advertised having a playground. We got in super late at night, but the host directed us to the closest pull thru. In the morning the kids played while we got packed up

We soon set off for Nebraska.

Independence Day and Idaho

I am a couple weeks behind here on my blog, so this may be a little scattered. After we left Montana we headed to Idaho Falls were my folks lived. We originally planned to stay in my bestfriends yard in Mackey, but my dad made room in his driveway and put in a 30amp plug for us, so that was super awesome.

We got in on the third and my brother in law Mario set off a bunch of fireworks for all of us to enjoy.

On the fourth I got to start cleaning our RV out. I gave my parents washer/dryer/dishwasher a serious work out 😉

All my siblings arrived, some I hadn’t seen in a decade.

Unfortunately in the afternoon I started to feel really sick. So The Captain and the kids went to the fireworks show and I stayed in bed.

The next day we took the trip up to Mackey to spend time with my favorite person, Brenna!!! And of course her wonderful husband and precious kids. Brenna and me met when Sunshine was maybe 6ish months old and quickly she became someone I could always rely on and who always, always makes me laugh. She is also my very favorite mom and I love watching her do mom things. She also has a Creek in her yard with a hammock, so right before the kids expired I went and took a quick nap haha.

When we got back to my folks, they’d already gone to the weekend family reunion in Utah. My mom left me a sweet card with a note that really meant a lot to me. Thanks mom!

We found out the next day we wouldn’t be leaving on Sunday like we had planned, we had to wait til Monday to get tires. Everyone had gone to the reunion so we had a full day in a huge house with backyard to spread out and get some space. Plus my parents have a jetted tub, a bounce house, and electric scooters. Lots of fun! Oh and we detailed the truck.

On Monday we were all packed up, got tires, put on, raided my folks pantry(with my dad’s blessing), and headed out.

We made it to Wyoming just as the sun was setting

To be continued…..

Gem Mountain!!!

I love Philipsburg for many reasons, but I don’t know if I would be here if it weren’t for Gem Mountain!!

You go into the shop and buy a ticket for a bucket(or pay more for seeded buckets) I believe it was $35 for a regular bucket. We ended up buying two so we could have two tables 🙂 and well…..more Sapphires.

After you get your ticket you pick your bucket. They have a staff member who helps you wash the gravel. They put it in a screen, set it into a large tub of water and shake it around a lot. Sapphires are heavier than the rest of the gravel so they find their way to the center and bottom of the screen, so when they turn them over they sit on top. When they dump it looks like this. This is about 1/5 or 1/4 of a regular bucket. Can you spot some Sapphires!!

Once you pick them off the top you begin to shuffle through the gravel, they don’t always stick to the top

I think we were probably there for an hour, I didn’t time it, but just long enough for the kids to get antsy.

After we went through our gravel we took them in to find out what is good enough to send out for cutting. Last time we were here we only found 3 cuttables…which I assumed was good at the time.

This time we found over 20!! And then more “flawed” for me to practice with if I ever get a chance to take a faceting class.

We did find one tiny cuttable pink! We also bought the keepsake necklace and put some of the non cut quality Sapphires inside

I love Gem Mountain and can’t wait to see what the stones look like when they come back all cut and shiny.

Philipsburg Montana

Oh how I lovePhilipsburg. We traveled here a couple years ago, during a bad bout of wildfires and it was only by sheer determination to go to Gem Mountain did we even see this gem of a town. After that trip it was at the top of my bucket list to make it back and spend some time exploring.

From the Philipsburg Inn where we are staying it’s about a 15 min walk into downtown Philipsburg, so we went for a walk.

We had promised the kids candy, and since they were so patient and quiet during the blow out we said they could get a whole pound of candy. So we headed to the Sweet Palace.

This is the most amazing Candy Store!

I just did a sugar cleanse, but with all the unique candy I decided I’m just going to have to have a sugar rush. I’ll get back over it after the Fourth of July.

After the Candy shop we explored the downtown a little and came upon an amazing Police Museum. This area was very wealthy during the gold/silver rush and it shows in the kind of equipment their police force had.

After the museum we found an old fashioned soda fountain. It used to be a drug store and hotel.

The town had lots of beautiful old features

We are still pretty tired, and this town has a lot more to explore but we will have to wait til tomorrow.